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Question 1:

7 months ago

What principles should guide the Government of Canada in the consideration and protection from unauthorized disclosure of confidential Indigenous knowledge in proposed project reviews and regulatory decisions?

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  • Denis Desrosiers 6 months ago
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  • H Green 6 months ago
    implement the normal legal protections that are available. there must be a way to protect by way of copyright and/or trademark any indigenous knowledge/information provided.
  • S Hill 6 months ago
    Indigenous Knowledge must be recognized as special and unique as it is specific to any area or region in Canada where a development may occur. It must also be recognized that IK is tied to the Self-Governance of any Indigenous Peoples whether it is recognized by the Colonial Governments of Canada or not. As such, the use and utilization of IK needs to be tied to the empowerment of the Indigenous Peoples affected through agreements or processes at the highest levels, such as Order in Councils or Parliamentary processes/recognition. The assessment process must not "mine" IK for use or application in an assessment process. Mining IK would be contrary to a respectful recognition of the Sovereign and Self-Governing nature of an Indigenous Peoples. The Indigenous Peoples affected must be in control of the research process, be independent of Government and company entities, and must be resourced and funded appropriately in order to carry out their research and participate in the process(es) in a substantive, significant and meaningful way. The OCAP principals must at a minimum apply to the IK research: Ownership, Control, Access and Possession. The Indigenous Group must be assisted to develop their capacity to establish, manage and continually develop their IK beyond the project life and process to further assist them with their Governance. If there is opportunity, IK must be legally recognized and established in agreement with the Indigenous Peoples affected, in a scale and scope desired by the group, in recognition of the special and unique nature of their IK.